Sterilized Corn Cob Grit – An Ideal Bulking Agent and Carrier in Insect Rearing Applications

Ground corn cob is used in many industrial applications, including blast media for the preparation of surfaces for refinishing, as a drying agent, an oil absorbent, and cleaner to name a few.  But did you know that its properties also make it an ideal material in many insect rearing applications?

Insect rearing scientists have used sterilized corn cob grit for many years as an inert bulking agent in both diets and as a carrier for insect eggs and neonate larvae.  As an insect carrier, its lightweight, low-density composition supports both insect eggs or neonate larvae in a homogeneous suspension which can be calibrated to a known concentration of insects per volume of grit, making it adaptable to many insect dispensing task. 

Additional benefits of corn cob grits include their absorbent properties which aid in preventing insect eggs from clumping together during incubation and sequestering excessive moisture from condensate or insect frass often found in the microenvironment of the rearing unit.

Prior to introducing corn cob grit into a diet or insect rearing application it is crucial that the corn cob grit goes through a sterilization process to remove any microbial load that may be present. Non-sterilized corn cob grit will introduce undesirable contamination issues.

At Frontier Scientific Services we utilize sterilized corn cob grit extensively in our insect production processes and also make it available to our customers to support their insect rearing efforts.  With the use of these three products you will be well on your way to streamlining your insect rearing!

1) Product S3123, 20/40 Sterilized Corn-Cob-Grits ,

2) Product #9146, Inoculation Bottle

3) Product #F9050, Insect Inoculator

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      We utilize an autoclave to sterilize our corncob grit. Thanks for reaching out!

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