Frontier Scientific Services now offers a newly optimized diet for mass rearing Diamondback Moth (Plutella xyllostella)

Frontier Scientific Services is pleased to now offer a newly optimized insect diet for mass rearing Diamondback Moth specimens, Product #F9441B.  Features of the diet account for ease of use and adaptability to multiple bio-assay and rearing formats, including high density applications. The consistency of the diet is ideally formulated to maintain its integrity beneath the larval feeding surface. Larval frass desiccates above the feeding interface, preventing unwanted leaching of contaminating excrement into the diet.  Specimen developmental times are robust and are consistently reproduced with exceptional cohort vigor and synchronicity.  The diet easily supports larval development through pupation yielding adult moths with very high fecundity rates.

   Developmental Times at 28˚C

Egg (Eclosion) ______________ 48 Hours
Larval (To Pupation) __________ 8 Days
Pupal (Eclosion)_______________ 2 Days
Adult (Peak Ovipostion) _______ 2-4 Days
Life Cycle: ______________ 14- 16 Days

Diamondback Moth Egg Sheet (24 hr. Oviposition Window)

Diamondback Larvae Developing on Frontier Scientific Services Product #F9441B

Late Instar Larval Synchronicity

Diamondback Moth Pupae, High Density Rearing



(Mix Components Separately for Best Results)


  • Set up blender (or mixing bowl/whisk), diet prep bowls, and rearing units to be filled.
    • Pre-weigh each of the following components keeping them separated into 4 weigh boats or measuring containers.
      • 159g Dry Mix
      • 11.0g Agar
      • 10.0g USDA Vitamin Mix
      • 0.20g Chlortetracycline
      • 7ml Linseed Oil (international orders sourced separately)
  • In a microwavable mixing bowl add 11gm of agar to 400ml cold water.
    • Mix well
    • Heat the agar suspension bringing it to a full boil.
      • Occasionally mix as the agar solution heats to suspend the agar
      • Be careful not to overflow the container as it reaches boiling
    • When the agar solution reaches a full boil remove heat and add 100ml of cold water to moderately drop the temperature of the boiled agar solution.
  • In a separate mixing container add 159g of the Dry Mix and 7ml of Raw Linseed Oil, then add cold water to bring the final volume of the dry mix suspension to 500ml.
    • Mix well
    • Immediately add the boiled agar solution
    • Mix well
    • Add 10g USDA Vitamin Mix and 0.20g Chlortetracycline
    • Mix well
  • Dispense immediately
  • For larger batches multiply the formulation by the factor you which to size the batch.

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  1. Caroline Versteeg

    I was just reading through your directions for preparation of Diamondback Moth Diet and there is no mention of when to add the Chlortetracycline. Should I add it at the same time as the USDA Vitamin Mix?

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