Protein Expression Services

Frontier has extensive experience in the in-vivo expression of recombinant proteins in Trichoplusia ni (Cabbage Looper). By utilizing a developed baculovirus construct, we can inoculate larvae, harvest after incubation, and purify a target protein. The power and versatility of this platform provides an alternative to traditional insect-cell culture expression systems. Please contact our technical team for more information about this platform and how we can express quality proteins for nearly any outlet.

Insect Rearing Solutions

Frontier welcomes any and all insect rearing questions to better support your ongoing research. Our entomologists have years of experience in a wide-array of entomology applications and are available to support your needs. If you have a question, please don’thesitate to ask.

Custom Insect Diets

In addition to our extensive catalog of proven insect diets, Frontier offers a custom formulation service. If you have a diet from literature or personal research and would like a cost effective, quality manufacturer you can contact our technical team and we can generate a quote.

Why contract Frontier to manufacture your custom formulation? Frontier has both international and domestic contacts with ingredient distributors and manufacturers. If a particular constituent is not stocked as part of our inventory, we can source a quality provider and have the material delivered to our facility. Our manufacturing process is part of a quality program that ensures all of our diet batches are made to specifications and meet our clients needs. If your formulation is proprietary we offer NDA’s to ensure your IP is protected when working with Frontier.

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