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2021 Publications

  • Baragamaarachchi, R. Y., Samarasekera, J. K. R. R., Weerasena, O. V. D. S. J., Lamour, K., & Jurat-Fuentes, J. L. (2019). Identification of a native Bacillus thuringiensis strain from Sri Lanka active against Dipel-resistant Plutella xylostella. PeerJ7, e7535.
  • F9772: General Purpose Lepidoptera Diet

  • Krueger, A. J., Robinson, E. A., Weissling, T. J., Vélez, A. M., & Anderson, T. D. (2021). Cardenolide, Potassium, and Pyrethroid Insecticide Combinations Reduce Growth and Survival of Monarch Butterfly Caterpillars (Lepidoptera: Nymphalidae). Journal of Economic Entomology114(6), 2370-2380..
  • BAW128 BioAssay Tray
  • & RT32W Rearing Tray

  • Leroy, N., Hanciaux, N., Cornelis, J. T., & Verheggen, F. Silicon accumulation in maize negatively impacts the feeding and life history traits of Spodoptera exigua Hübner. Entomologia Generalis.
  • F9772: General Purpose Lepidoptera Diet

  • Milijaš Jotić, M., Panevska, A., Iacovache, I., Kostanjšek, R., Mravinec, M., Skočaj, M., … & Sepčić, K. (2021). Dissecting Out the Molecular Mechanism of Insecticidal Activity of Ostreolysin A6/Pleurotolysin B Complexes on Western Corn Rootworm. Toxins13(7), 455.
  • F9800B: Southern Corn Rootworm Diet

  • Flonc, B., Barbercheck, M., & Ahmad, I. (2021). Observations on the Relationships between Endophytic Metarhizium robertsii, Spodoptera frugiperda (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae), and Maize. Pathogens10(6), 713.
  • Rearing Supplies

  • Mann, L., Laplanche, D., Turlings, T. C., & Desurmont, G. A. (2021). A comparative study of plant volatiles induced by insect and gastropod herbivory. Scientific Reports11(1), 1-10.0(10), 1040-1059.
  • F9219B: Beet Armyworm Diet

  • Rice-Marshall, S., Cook, S. P., & Randall, J. (2021). Impact of Biochar on Douglas-Fir Tussock Moth (Orgyia pseudotsugata Lepidoptera: Erebidae) Larvae Reared on Synthetic Die. Insects12(12), 1065.
  • F9769B: Spruce Budworm Diet

  • Van Niekerk, D. C. (2021). Toxicity of four insecticides to Spodoptera frugiperda in South Africa (Doctoral dissertation, North-West University (South Africa)).
  • RT32W: Rearing Tray and Lidding

  • Walton, A., & Toth, A. L. (2021). Resource limitation, intra‐group aggression and brain neuropeptide expression in a social wasp. Functional Ecology35(10), 2241-2252.
  • Trichoplusia ni : Cabbage Looper Larvae

  • Aguirre-Rojas, L. M., Scully, E. D., Trick, H. N., Zhu, K. Y., & Smith, C. M. (2021). Comparative analyses of transcriptional responses of Dectes texanus LeConte (Coleoptera: Cerambycidae) larvae fed on three different host plants and artificial diet. Scientific reports11(1), 1-19
  • F9717B: Pink Bollworm Diet
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