Insect Supply

1. Do I need a permit in order to purchase live insect specimens?
Currently, the only regulated species sold by Frontier are Corn Earworm (Helicoverpa zea) and Tobacco Budworm (Heliothis virescens). If ordering either of those species you must have a valid APHIS PPQ-526 permit at time of order. Please ensure that your permit lists your desired ship to address as well as our culture origins as either: ‘Delaware’ or ‘Continental United States’.
2. Where do I apply for an APHIS PPQ-526 permit?
Permits can be applied for through the APHIS website: https://www.aphis.usda.gov/aphis/ourfocus/planthealth/import-information/permits
3. How are insects shipped?
Frontier has extensive experience in successfully shipping live insect specimens (eggs, larvae, pupae) year round throughout the continental United States. All insect orders are securely shipped in a sealed insulated box via ‘Fed-Ex Priority Overnight’.
4. Can I order frozen non-viable insect specimens without a permit?
Yes, you do not need a permit for non-viable insects. However, as per APHIS regulations, we must allow specimens to be frozen for 72-hours at -20°C prior to release. All frozen specimens are shipped Priority Overnight on dry-ice. These shipments may be subject to increased packaging fees due to the special shipping requirements. Please provide 5 business days’ notice for all frozen specimens to ensure availability and allow for freezing time.
5. Are insects of varying instars available?
Yes, insects are available at varying instars throughout the week. We ship every day with the exception of Friday, below is an estimated schedule of instar availability throughout the week:
Monday           ------1st - 2nd instar
Tuesday          ------ 2nd - 3rd instar
Wednesday    ------  3rd - 4th instar
Thursday        ------  4th - 5th instar
6. What is the history of your insect cultures?
A comprehensive history of our insect cultures is available upon request.

Diet Supply

1. Can I request the formulation for a diet?
The ingredient lists for any of our insect diets are available upon request and are shipped with each diet order. Our diet formulations with individual proportions denoted is proprietary and not available for disclosure.
2. Can I order less than the minimum as a sample?
We typically do not offer samples or supply orders under the minimum. The minimum order helps ensure that our diets remain cost effective for our clients. Under certain circumstances the minimum may be waived, however, this is determined on a case by case basis. If you have questions regarding the minimum purchase for a particular product, please contact our team directly via email or phone.
3. Are Certificates of Analysis available for individual ingredients?
We offer CoA’s where applicable for most of our diet ingredients. Please note that in some cases, vendor information may be redacted.
4. Do you provide MSDS’s for your diets and ingredients?
We have SDS’s available for all of our diet products. These can be requested directly from our staff. If you require specific information that is not available on our SDS please inquire with us directly; if feasible, we will work to include specific information as requested.
5. Do you have a quality program?
Yes, Frontier Scientific has a comprehensive quality program for all commercially sold materials. When received, all of our raw materials are assigned site specific Lot numbers and expirations dates in accordance with the manufacturer/vendors product information. All of our diets are manufactured utilizing a fully traceable dual-verified batch record to ensure accuracy and documentation for root cause analysis.
6. Do you provide a custom diet formulation service?
Yes, Frontier Scientific offers a custom diet formulation service to support the needs of our clients. We require a formulation from our clients in order to generate pricing information as well as minimum purchase requirements. For custom diets, we can only guarantee that the formulation is made in accordance with the provided formula. Efficacy of a custom diet cannot be guaranteed and returns/refunds for ineffective custom formulations will not be available.  Non disclosure agreements (NDA) may be executed for proprietary client formulations as requested.


1. What shipping carrier do you utilize?
For domestic shipments, Frontier Scientific exclusively ships with FedEx. As a result of our exclusivity, we offer very competitive rates for shipping our products. For larger LTL shipments and some international destinations, we ship with the best available rate quoted by a carrier.
2. Can I ship using my carrier account?
Yes, if you have a Fed-Ex account and would prefer us to use it for shipments please inform us when placing your order. Due to our exclusivity with FedEx domestically, we do not ship with alternative carriers (UPS, USPS) even if with a client's account. Please note that shipping quotes are unavailable when utilizing a clients account.
3. Do you provide shipping estimates?
Yes, any order placed on the website store will include a final shipping rate at time of checkout. For larger freight orders or Purchase Order's an estimated shipping quote can be provided upon request. All shipping quotes are estimated and are not a guaranteed final rate. All final rates are determined at the time of shipment release.
4. Do you ship LTL orders?
Yes, Frontier Scientific can arrange palletized orders to be sent with the best available carrier or other carrier as specified by the client. If you would prefer to arrange the pick-up and Bill of Lading generation, we will be happy to provide pallet dimensions and other support as needed.
5. Do you ship freight internationally?
Yes, Frontier Scientific works closely with our logistics partners to organize and ship pallets around the world at a competitive rate. Depending on the final destination, we can offer air, sea, and door-door service as needed.
6. What Incoterms does Frontier utilize for international shipments?
Frontier ships all international bound material ‘Carriage Insurance Paid (CIP)’. Other Incoterms are available on a case by case basis.
7. Does Frontier Scientific ensure customs clearance for international orders?
Due to the varying regulations from country to country the ultimate customs clearance responsibilities will be on the client. Frontier will utilize its extensive expertise in customs related issues and can support the clearance process as needed but cannot guarantee clearance or accept returns of customs denied material. It is our recommendation that clients contact their local customs office prior to ordering to discuss potential clearance hurdles.
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